About Us

Shared Admiration Founder

Hi Small Sized Fashion Lovers!

For those that don’t know me, my name is Xi. A petite fashionista with a particular love for second-hand luxury fashion. Growing up I frequented used clothing stores and loved seeing what beautiful outfits I could find in my size. It was my version of a treasure hunt.⠀⠀

Having experienced first-hand how difficult it can be to find pre-loved clothing that fits smaller women inspired me to create Shared Admiration, a consignment platform for authentic, luxury second-hand fashion specifically for petite and smaller sized women (00P – XS).

Our goal is to establish a community where women can share their experiences and joy through fashion.

Many of us have a number of items in our closet that have been worn only a couple of time if at all! It is stashed away in our closets and we agonize over when we will wear it again. What if you could share and give others the joy of experiencing your fashion.

By enabling this circular economy, women can access luxury fashion at a fraction of the list price and reduce consumption habits by increasing reuse. It’s good for your wallet and the environment!


Xi Decker

Founder, Shared Admiration